There are not any kind of official tournament rules and guidance for playing table footballs. However, there are some suitable rules to play table football in pubs, clubs, colleges and many more. In addition, it is essential to ensure the quality of best foosball tables gameplay. Apart from this, there are no complex rules to follow while playing this game. This game is more suitable for tournaments because of the easy rules.


  • When starting the game, teams toss with coins to choose the side to kick off the football on the table. 
  • While playing table football then it is important to consider that the opposing team is ready before starting the play. In addition, the balls have a pass between two players before forwarding the ball for playing.
  • When kick-off by the team then they cannot score directly from the bar. Is the ball is going toward the goal and defected by any kind of mistake. Then, they have a chance to restart that task. The restriction of shooting is only applied when the team is kicking off to 5 bars.


  • Goals may be scored any time while playing the game especially by the 3 bar, 2 bar (defender), or goalie bar.
  • The goal may not be scored directly from the kick-off. But, goals are possible while playing the play from 5 bars.
  • When the ball enters the goal then you can get a bonus and restart the game by kicking off casually.


The ball on the 5 bar cannot pass the ball direct to 3 bars. However, it is important to touch two players to the 5 bar when passing the ball forward to play. Apart from this, the player can also shoot by a stationary ball to get a goal.

 Time limit

  • The time limit is important to keep in mind. There are only 15 seconds on the 2 bar and 3 bars to play the game. Apart from this, the time limit is 10 seconds on the 5 bar. The goalie bar and 2 bars work as a single bar while playing the game.
  • The limit of time starts when the ball touches with the distance of the player on the bar. Time can also reset the ball if the ball touches the range of the rod.
  • The penalty is used for exceeding the time while the opposing team makes any mistake related to the game.


  • If spinning the rod then this is a foul. Spinning rotates the position of the rode by 360 degrees. So, it is not allowed in the playtime.
  • When the ball is in the play then notable shouting, jarring, and other distracting components.
  • The penalized team play continues from the current position to perform well in the play.


  • If the ball is left on the table then plays will be restarted by 5 bars and kicked off to play by players.
  • If the ball cannot reach the other player then restart the game unless the ball reaches the defensive area.